Great Barrier Reef - Non Swimmers and not so confident Swimmers

Whether you choose to get wet or stay dry, you'll have the opportunity to experience all there is to discover. If you're not a confident swimmer, that's ok.. just let one of our friendly Snorkelling Safety Officers know as we still have a number of ways to assist you experience the reef. Listed below are some of the options available to you if you prefer to stay dry.

Not a Confident Swimmer?

Snorkelling at Agincourt ReefIf you're not a confident swimmer, that's ok!, as we still have a number of ways to assist you experience the reef. These include our Snorkelling Safety Officers who's primary focus is to assist you no matter what your level of confidence is.

We also have life jackets and buoyancy aids available. In addition we have 'swim stations' that float in various parts of the swim sections, and you can happily move between the stations. And finally we also have wide platforms that you can safely stand on, these platforms allow you to put just your toes in the water or more if you wish.

Staying Dry

Spacious Reef Platforms

Dive AreaFloating like an island in a coral sea, the modern, dual level platforms provide the ultimate in facilities for reef viewing and relaxation in all weather and wind conditions. Situated on the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef, Agincourt Reef provides a sheltered anchorage for the Quicksilver vessel and the perfect spot for passengers to view the spectacular coral formations from the semi submersible coral viewing vessel. You can also watch the fish feeding from Quicksilver's unique viewing platform and underwater observatory.

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Underwater Observatory

Underwater ObservatoryYou can also see the coral and watch the fish feeding from Quicksilver's unique viewing platform and underwater observatory located directly in front of the platform.

From here, you can also view "first time" divers taking part in introductory dives. The reef vibrates with the hues, stripes, and shimmerings of a myriad of fishes. Butterfly fish, parrot fish, angel fish and elegant nudibranchs dance before your eyes and coral gardens beckon you to explore. Watch, entranced, as a clownfish snuggles into the embrace of a sea anemone.

Semi Submersible coral viewing

Semi Submersible coral viewingIf you would like to stay dry, then you can explore the stunning reef from the comfort of a Quicksilver sub. The semi submersibles cruise slowly through the colourful coral gardens giving passengers, seated just one metre underwater, the opportunity to experience a snorkellers-eye view of the marine life without getting wet. The semi-sub experience takes approximately 25 minutes and includes an informed commentary on the marine life observed during the journey and an overview of the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Semi-subs depart every fifteen minutes from the rear of the platform. Announcements are made to prompt you before departure.

Ocean Walker - Helmet Diving

Helmet DivingNow as a non-swimmer, you can see the reef up close during a helmet “dive”. Breathing fresh air delivered from the surface into your helmet, you will walk underwater on a reef platform - you can even wear your glasses if you wish! Oceanwalker is suitable for anyone aged over 12 years and pass the on-board medical questionnaire. After a short briefing, you will be walking amongst the reef fish and corals.

Price: $162 per person (equipment provided)

Scenic Helicopter Flights

GBR HeliScenic Helicopter Flight - 10 minute Reef Scenic Flight

For a different andspectacular perspective of the jewel like ribbon reefs, a ten minute helicopter flight is available from platforms moored at Agincourt Reef.

Price: $169 per person

Scenic Helicopter Flight - Outer Barrier Reef Experience
- Cruise/Fly Option

Fly between Cairns, Beaches, Port Douglas and Agincourt Reef - the perfect finishing touch to your total reef experience. Helicopter one way and Quicksilver cruise one way.

From Port Douglas - $499 per person
From Cairns & Resorts* - $699 per person

*where heli pick-up is available
*Helicopter availability subject to operating conditions and maximum loads. Due to altitude restrictions, certified divers cannot fly from reef to shore after diving.

*Optional activities should be pre-booked to ensure availability.